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Siemens Magnets


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Siemens MR Training

Siemens MR Magnets

This technical training course is specially designed for Field Service Engineers working with Independent Service Organizations. This highly advanced course is not offered to Biomedical Technicians/Engineers or other technical staff at the hospitals since a lighter version of first line Magnet service is covered in our equipment specific MR courses, like MR_TECH_003.

This course aims to bring the student at a technical level so that he can perform periodic maintenance, status checks, troubleshooting on Siemens Magnets with confidence. By the end of the training, student will gain the capability of troubleshooting on the Siemens MR Magnets.

Some of them being magnets working at very high cryogen pressures like 15 psi, it is very likely to loose considerable amounts of liquid helium during cooling system problems. This course will teach all you need to know about Siemens Magnets and how to keep them healthy.

During the course period, you will join hands on practical sessions and find chance to play(!) with the actual Siemens magnets. At these sessions, you will gain confidence and in depth knowledge about the equipment.

You will learn about the Refrigerator Subsystem troubleshooting, coldhead/adsorber replacement, MSUP secrets and many more useful topics about the Siemens Magnets.

This course covers the following MR Magnets;

- Oxford OR35, OR70, OR105 used by Siemens

1 Week
Method of Delivery
Theoretical sessions in classroom
Practical sessions on the equipment
Supplied Materials
Handouts, Slide Shows, Electronic Documentation
Familiarity with the high field magnets
Covered Topics
Overview of MRI Magnets
Safety during work with high field magnets
Safety during work with cryogens
Siemens OR70 Magnet Theory of Operation
Siemens High Pressure Magnet Theory of Operation
Magnet Maintenance and Periodic Checks
Setup and Calibrations
    Liquid helium Fill, Shim Lead, Ramp up to field, Ramp Down to zero, Shimming
Magnet and Refrigerator Fuctional Checks
Special Replacement Procedures
    Coldhead/Adsorber Replacement, Burst Disk Replacement, Displacer/Adsorber Replacement
Emergency Rundown Unit(ERDU)
Refrigerator Subsystem Troubleshooting
    High helium Boil-off, High Shield Temperature, High magnet pressure, helium Leak, Ice formation, helium Compressor failures
Magnet Supervision, OR70
MSUP, High Pressure Magnets
    Operation, Laptop Connection, Setting Magnet working parameters/alarm levels/etc., Physical interconnections, Data capture and analysis
helium Compressors, Leybold CoolPak and Sumitomo F70
helium Fill
What to do after a quench
Installation, Tips&Tricks
Magnet Service Tools