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Medical Imaging for Biomedical Engineers


Medical Imaging for Biomedical

img Fatih Dilmen, BSc/MSc BIO_TECH_001

Medical Imaging for Biomedical Professionals

This technical training course is specially designed for Biomedical Technicians and Biomedical Engineers those work for private and public hospitals, government agencies or those recently graduated and looking for a job in the market.

Main topics are; X-Ray, Ultrasound, CT, MRI and Nuclear Medicine. Fundamentals of each modality along with understandable Physics covered.

Although some theory under the imaging modalities are discussed, what we focus in this course is the useful information that a biomedical professional needs to know about imaging modalities in his daily life.

This course aims to bring the student at a technical level so that he can perform quality assurance and first line service on main imaging modalities. By the end of the training, student will gain a broad understanding and working principles on the main imaging modalities.

During the course period, you will join hands on practical sessions and find chance to interact with the actual imaging equipments like ultrasound, CT, MR and X-Ray. At these sessions, you will gain confidence and in depth knowledge about the imaging modalities.

You will attend to periodic maintenance sessions, troubleshooting examples, error log viewing, servicing the equipment via phone support, etc.

You will also gain very usable information about X-Ray tubes, ultrasound probes, CT tubes, MRI coils and many more useful topics and up to date market information.

This course covers the following imaging modalities;

- Ultrasound

- X-Ray

- CT


- Nuclear Medicine


1 Week
Method of Delivery
Theoretical sessions in classroom
Practical sessions on the equipment
Supplied Materials
Handouts, Slide Shows, Electronic Documentation
Covered Topics
    Theory, Working principles, PM basics, Quality Assurance, Probes, manufacturers and their Ultrasound Lines
    Theory, Working principles, PM basics, Quality Assurance, X-Ray Tubes, manufacturers and their X-Ray Lines
    Theory, Working principles, PM basics, Quality Assurance, CT Tubes, manufacturers and their CT Lines
    Theory, Working principles, PM basics, Quality Assurance, MRI Coils, coldhead/compressor, manufacturers and their MR Lines
Nuclear Medicine
    Gamma Camera Theory, Working principles, PM basics, Quality Assurance, Photomultiplier Tubes, manufacturers and their Gamma Camera Lines
    PET/CT Theory, Working principles, PM basics, Quality Assurance, X-Ray Tubes, detector modules/crystals, radiactive calibration sources, manufacturers and their PET/CT Lines
Installation of Imaging Equipment
    Site considerations, equipment specific enviromental spects, details to be considered before and during installation
Purchasing of an Imaging Equipment, Parts and Accessories
Purchasing a service contract for your Imaging Equipment, OEMs/third parties, in-house service
Service Tools for first line service