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Somatom Emotion Series


CT-Siemens Emotion Series

img Fatih Dilmen, BSc/MSc CT_TECH_001

Siemens CT Training Phase I

Emotion Series

This technical training course is specially designed for Field Service Engineers working with Independent Service Organizations. On the other hand, Biomedical Technicians and Engineers or other technical staff at the hospitals who would like to do the first line service in their radiology departments are also welcomed.

This is the Siemens CT Training Phase I. We strongly recommend this course as a prerequisite to CT_TECH_002, Phase II, Siemens Sensation Series.

This course aims to bring the student at a technical level so that he can perform periodic maintenance, quality assurance and calibrations with confidence. By the end of the training, student will gain the capability of troubleshooting on the Emotion series CT scanners.

During the course period, you will join hands on practical sessions and find chance to play(!) with the actual equipment itself. At these sessions, you will gain confidence and in depth knowledge about the equipment.

You will discover how simple to view and filter the so called Siemens Event Viewer(error logs), and how useful they are in case of a failure.

You will also learn the Siemens CT line model differences, installation tips&tricks, tube replacement, tune up, software (Syngo) loading and many more useful topics about Emotion series CT scanners.

This course covers the following CT scanners;

- Somatom Balance

- Somatom Esprit

- Somatom Emotion

- Somatom Emotion 2003

- Somatom Emotion Duo/6/16

- Somatom Spirit

1 Week
Method of Delivery
Theoretical sessions in classroom
Practical sessions on the equipment
Supplied Materials
Handouts, Slide Shows, Electronic Documentation
Basic understanding of X-Ray principles
Previous experience on other CT brands is a plus
Covered Topics
Overview of CT Theory
Siemens CT Line Model Differences in brief
Siemens CT Breakdown
Service Menu Navigation
System Control
Imaging System
    MAS, PHS, MAR, Generator, DMS, PDS
Patient Handling System
Siemens CT Line Model Differences in depth
Periodic Maintenance
Installation, Tips&Tricks
Tube Replacement, Tips&Tricks
Tune Up
Software (Syngo) Loading ICS/IRS
Software Tips&Tricks (Configuration, Backup/Restore, important batch files, dicom connectivity, licensing, etc.)